When using RuleBender, please cite:

A.M. Smith, W. Xu, Y. Sun, J.R. Faeder, G.E. Marai, “RuleBender: Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Visualization for Rule-Based Intracellular Biochemistry”, BMC Bioinformatics, 13(Suppl 8):S3: 1-24, Jun 2012.

Click here to get latest release version from the RuleBender Google Code site: 2.0.382
We are still ironing out the kinks in this release, so please check back soon for an updated version – you will be happy you did. 


  • BioNetGen 2.2.5
  • NFSim 1.11
  • Persisted Contact Map layouts
  • Cleaner console management
  • Improved stability

This major rewrite effort presents RuleBender as an RCP application. After you download this version, please watch our tutorial on using RuleBender 2 as the workflow and a number of features have changed.

Older Versions (We don’t recommend using these unless you have a specific reason for doing so):
RuleBender 2.0.271
RuleBender 2.0.220
RuleBender 1.3.515

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